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Interpret: Matt Redman

Matt Redman - Facedown (akordy)

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DM Welcomed in to the courA ts of the king
Ive been usF hered into your presencG e
DM Lord i stand on your merA ciful ground
Yet with F every step tread revereG nce
(Verse 2)
DM Who is there in the heaA vens like you
And onF the earth, who's your equal G
DM You are far above, Your the higheA st of heights
We are F bowing down to exalt yoG u
And i'll fF all face doBB wn
As Your GloDM ry shiC nes arouBB nd
Yes, i'll F fall face dBB own
As your glDM ory shC ines aroBB und

BB Lord Let your glory shine aroundC
Let your glory shine aroundBB
King of glory here be found C
King of glory (x?)

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