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Merle Haggard - Its Not Love (akordy)

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She was G always there each G7 time I needeC d you,
holding G on to me like I held on to D7 you,
We G still don't have what G7 you and I once C had;
No, It's G Not Love,D7 But it's not G bad.G7
No, It's C Not Love, not like G ours was. It's Not Love,
but C it keeps G love from driving D7 me mad;
And G I don't have to G7 wonder who she's C had.
No, D7 It's G Not Love,D7 But it's not G badC G D7
Verse 2:
I G turn to her when G7 you leave me C alone,
sometimes G even when you're here, and you're still D7 gone.
She'e G slowly changing G7 what you leave so C sad;
No, It's G Not LoveD7 , But it's not G bad.G7

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