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Merle Haggard - Son Hickory Hollars Tramp (akordy)

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C F G chorus
C Oh the pG ath was deep and wide from footsteps lF eading
to our cC abin and aF bove the door there G burned a scarlet
C Lamp and lG ate at night a hand would knock and F there
would stand a sC tranger Yes iF 'm the son of hG ickory
hollars TC ramp.
Verse 1
C Well the corn was dry and the F weeds were high when
G daddy took to dC rinkin, F him and lucy C walker they took
up and ran aG way mC omma cried a tF ear then she pG romised
14 chC ildren i F swear you'll never G see a hungry dC ay.
C when momma sacrifF iced her pride the nG eighbors started
C talkin, but F i was much too C young to understand the
things they sG aid, tC he thing that mattered F most of all
was mG omma's chicken n C dumplins and that gF oodnight kiss
befG ore we went to bC ed.
Repeat Chorus
C when daddy left then dF estitution G came upon our C family
F not one neighbor C volunteered to give a helpin hG and
C so let em gossip F all They want she lG oved us and she
C raised us the tF ruth is standing hG ere a full grown C man.
C last summer momma F passed away and lG eft the ones who
C loved her, F each and everyoC ne is more than greatful for
their bG irth, eC ach sunday she F recieves a fresh boqueG t
of fourteen roseC s, and a F card that reads the gG reatest
mom on eartC h.
Repeat Chorus

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