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Mest - Jaded These Years (akordy)

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There's a tB ime and place for F# everything
There's a rAsM eason why certain E people meet
There's a dB estination for F# everyone
What's the eAsM xplanation..E when were done.
All the sB ummer nights spent wF# ondering
So many qAsM uestions asked
But no one's E answering
Would it B be okay if I F# left today
Took my AsM chances on what you E said was wrong.
I'm jB aded, F# stupid and reckless not AsM sorry
When I'll E never regret these B years spent
So F# faded and reckless not AsM sorry
And I'll nE ever regret these AsM years
I'll E never regret these years.
Now B here I sit so F# far away
RemAsM embering all our E memories
Well it's tB imes like these when I mF# iss you most
RemAsM embering when we wE ere so close.
I'll nE ever forget the pB laces we've been you and F#M I
Our liE ves are slB ipping away, don't wE ant to let time pass us bF# y
E By.

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