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The End (first unplugged version)

Muffins - The End (first unplugged version)

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Dĺžka piesne: 04:00

Muffins - The End (first unplugged version) (text piesne)


I am so tired, I don´t think I can keep it up more time,
You´re still miss me and I wanna go to some
Place where I can be free of troubles and sadness.
Please, leave me alone, I can´ t handle it anymore

R. :
Baby, why could it be so hard to understand?
Why we just didn´t say everything and keep our plane?
Why we just didn´t stay in our perfect fast love-train?
Baby, I wanna be with you and I´ve still been missin´ you ...

I´ve got really very much good friends
They are with me in these hard times
When I am not so strong but you know
I am not gonna give up I´ve got them

R.: Baby, why was it so weird when weˇre breaking up?
When we´re just standin´ outside with tears in our eyes?
When we´re just speakin´ remorses full of pain?
Baby, I don´t wanna have your picture still in my frowzy brain ...

R. : Baby, IIIII´m shouting and screaming
I want to destroy every memory I´ve got!
But you still make it real for me
So, I can close my eyes and never be able to find you in my life ...

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