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Asking for It

Nirvana - Asking for It

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Interpret: Nirvana

Nirvana - Asking for It (text piesne)

All time that I control for you
I feel a little more cheap that necessary
I will go to cry petalas of you Rose-red
I go to make you to believe me
It was asking for it It was asking coll
She was it asking for it
It asked two times to you
All time that I face the sun
Angels turn dust and my suit only unbuttons
All the time that
I face the sun
To be a only equal model or to one
In the hour I will go to rock
I tie the end
you finds that me it can make
I to make of new To live to the side of this with me
I swear that I desire to die for you
And if you live this to my side I swear that desire to die for you

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