Noisy Neighbour - Optimistic

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Noisy Neighbour - Optimistic (text piesne)

It seems that the times are a-changing so quickly
Man has no space and time for thinking
It's true
But what to do

Not long ago I sang about my inner creatures
Their growl and howl is gone for certain
What to say?
You chased them away
Nightmares and fears

Good times are already here that's for sure
Don't really think if I can ask for more
It's true
Thank to you

With feet on the ground don't fly in heights
But see the future with optimistic eyes
That's true
That's what I do
My mood is good
Thank to you

These could be the best times of our lives
But blind optimism in my eyes
Gives change to realise the dreams
All the dreams, whatever it means

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