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Oasis - Up in the Sky (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

Fadd9 CADD6
Verse 1

NOTE: the above riffs are played by a 2nd guitar while the other guitar
plays the below chords

G Hey you! Up in the sky, learning to fly, tell me how high
Do you Fadd9 think you'll goCADD6 , before you startG fallin'
Hey G you! Up in the tree, you wanna be me, well that couldn't be
'cos the Fadd9 people hereCADD6 , they don't hear you G callin'

C How does it A7/C# feel
G (w/ main riff)
When you're inside me.
Verse 2

same cbords and riffs used as verse 1
Hey you! wearing the crown, making no sound, I heard you feel down
Well that's too bad, welcome to my world
Hey you! stealing the light, I heard that the shine's gone out of your
Well that's just too bad, welcome to my world
C So how does it A7/C# feel
When you're inG side me?

D You'll need assistance with the things that you have EM never evD er C5 seen
D It's just a case of never breathing out
BeEM fore you've breathed D it C5 in
A7/C# So how does it C feel when you're inG side me

[NOTE: the above tab is a combination of the chords played by guitar 1 and
the fill played by guitar 2. It sounds cool if you're only playing with
one guitar (that is, if you're not playing with somebody else) :) ]
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