OMD: Akordy k piesni Walking on the Milky Way

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OMD - Walking on the Milky Way (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

When D I was only sF#M eventeen
MBM y head was full of bBM/A rilliant dreams
My hG eart would call andG/F# I would gladly EM go A A4 A
At twD enty one the wF#M orld was mine
AndBM I was yours and BM/A you're divine
And nG othing else would G/F# matter to us EM so A A4 A
I F#M don't believe in BM destiny
I dA on't believe in lD ove
I dA/E on't believe that anBM ything
Will eveG r be eA nough
Oh, D Man you should have seen us
F#M On the way to venus
BM Walking on the milky BM/A way
It was quite a G day hey G/F# hey hey EM heyey A A4 A
D Walking on the big stuff
F#M Acting like we're real tough
BM Baby we were on our BM/A way
So what do you G say hey G/F# hey hey EM heyey A A4 A
Verse 2:
As tD ime goes by reF#M ality
DestrBM oys your hope and BM/A dignity
There's nG othing left but G/F# shadows on the wEM all A A4 A
But jD ust remember F#M who you are
And wBM here you've been you've BM/A come so far
And nG ever ever G/F# let them see you fEM all A A4 A
I F#M dont believe in mBM iracles
I dA ont believe in trD uth
I dA/E ont believe that anyBM thing can rG ecreate your yA outh
BM Bm A A D D G G BM Bm A A A A D D D/C# D/C# (Chorus Chords + heyhey...)
Walking on the Milky Way
Chorus (With Girls Chorus singing : Man you should have seen us we were on our way to Venus)
Chorus (Only heyyyyyyy + Girls)
Chorus (Only Girls)

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