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Paul Simon - Kathy's Song (akordy)

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G I hear the C drizzle of the G rain_ AM Like a EM memoC ry it BM7 falls
G Soft and BM warm conG tinuC ing_ AM Tapping EM on my D roof and G walls C G
G And from the C shelter of my G mind_ AM Through the EM window C of my BM7 eyes
G I gaze beBM yond the G rain drenched C streets_ AM To England EM where my D heart G lies C G
G My mind's disC tracted and G diffused_ AM My EM thoughts are many C miles aBM7 way
G They lie with BM you when G you're aC sleep_ AM And kiss you EM when you D start your G day C
G And a song I was C writing is left G undone_ AM I don't know EM why I C spent the BM7 time
G Writing BM song I G can't beC lieve_ AM With words that EM tear and D strain to G rhyme C G
G And so you C see I have come to G doubt_ AM All that EM I once C held as BM7 true
G I stand aBM lone withG out beC liefs_ AM The only EM truth I D know is G you C G
G And as I C watch the drops of G rain AM weave their EM weary C paths and BM7 die
G I know that BM I am G like the C rain_ AM There but for the EM grace of D you go G I. C G

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