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Per Gessle - Call Of The Wild (akordy)

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I know her and every notion i D get from her i A wear inside me BM
I know her all of the broken D leaves of love she A leaves behind EM
don't you G hide aD way from the A rain, EM
can you G tell me the D name of this F#M game
I gotta get through to youBM
Behind the door, another wallD , a lonely cry, a A call of the wild,BM
a dancing daze, an empty faceD , a crystal high
a A call of the wild.BM
And there is something that A sweeps the dark
a EM lover's dart, the F#M call of a A broken BM heart.
Wrapped in the night, behind these eyesD , oh hear the cry
a A call of the wildBM
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