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phish - Two Versions of Me (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

A Ahhhhhhhhh
BM Ooooo - A oo - G ooo
Verse 1:
G 10 mountains standD tall
G 9 seasons sincD e fall
G 8 eons of saD nd
G 7 oceans begaD n
D Now there is none G A
G No more lighA t, fromG the sun D
D Now waters run free G A
G No more fishA , in tG he sea D
G One F#M more namEM e, on the slateA
G One leF#M ss minutEM e, to wait A
D Too busy to seeG A
G Two versiA ons of mG e D
D One more bottle is dry G A
G One less reasA on to trG y D
repeat chorus 1x
G and D the rest of the song:
6 feet underneath
5 fingers dont reach
4 seconds it seems
for all of our dreams
3 oceans away
2 children at play
Too busy to see
Two versions of Me
Two versions of Me
Two versions of Me
Two versions of Me
Two versions of Me
fade out with G - D
Yost with the Most

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