Placebo: Akordy k piesni Dark globe

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Placebo - Dark globe (akordy)

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Oh, GISwhere are you now?
Pussey willow that smiled on this leaf
When CISI was alone
You promised the DISstone from your heart
My GIShead kissed the ground
I was half the way CISdown
Trenning myDIS sand please

GISPlease lift your CIShand
I'm GISonly a CISperson
GISWho's arm bounds CISbeetles
DISHands lay tall
Won't you GISmiss me
CISWouldn't you miss me at DISall oh, oh, ohGIS

The poppybirds wang
Swing twig-coffee ground around
Brandish her wand with a feathery tongue
My head kissed the ground
I was half the way down
Trenning my sand please, please,

Please lift your hand
I'm only a person
Who's asking my chains
I've tatooed my brain all the way
Won't you miss me
Wouldn't you miss me at all oh, oh, oh

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