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Ramones - Questioningly (akordy)

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D Questioningly her G eyes looked at me
D And then she spoke
D Aren't you someone I G used to Know
And BM weren't we lovers a A long time ago ?
D Looked at her close
G Forced her into view
D Yes, I said, you're a girl
That G I BM once may have A knew
But G I don't love you D anymore
G Why do you want to D talk to me for ?
G You should have just let D me walk by
G Memories BM make us A cryD
In the morning, G I'm at work at time
D My boss he tells me that G I'm BM doing A fine
G When I'm going D home
G Whiskey bottle D movie on T.V
G Memories D make me cry
And G I'm alone justBM me
Just A me, QuestioninglD y ...

Additional lyrics :
But I dont love you anymore
Why do you want to talk to me for ?
You should have just let me walk by
Memories make us cry
Looked at her close
Forced into view
Yes, I said you're a girl
That I once may have knew
Questioningly her eyes looked at me
And then she spoke
Aren't you someone I used to know
And weren't we lovers a long time ago ?
----- END.
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