Ramones: Akordy k piesni Spiderman

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Ramones - Spiderman (akordy)

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G Spiderman Spiderman does whatever a spider can
C Spins a web, any size
G Catches thieves just like flies, look D out
C Here comes the SpiderG man
G Is he strong? Listen bud, hes got radioactive blood
C Can he swing, from a thread?
G Take a look overhead hey D there
C There goes the SpiderG man
In the BB chill of the F night
At theC scene of the G crime
Like aBB streak of F light
he arC rives just in D time
G Spiderman, Spiderman, Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman
C Wealth and fame, is ignored
G Action is his reward, to D him
C Life is a great big G7 bang up
C Where ever there's a G7 hang up
C You'll find the SpiderG man!

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