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Ramones - Take It as It Comes (akordy)

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(G)Take it (D#)easy (D)baby
(G)Take it (D#)as it (D)comes
(G)Don't (D#)move too (D)fast if you
(G)want your (D#)love to (D)last you've been
(G)moving (D#)much too (D)fast
(G) (D#) (D) four more times
G second verse
Time to walk, time to run
Time to aim your arrows at the sun
repeat chorus
the second time, leave out the last (G) to perform A BASS SOLO!!!!
and this sucker's quick, too!!!

repeat the solo 6 times
lyrics starting on the 3rd run of the solo:
Go real slow
You'll like it more and more
Take it as it comes
Specialize in having fun
for rythym not soloing, just do the G D# D thing over and over
repeat chorus
after "moving much too fast line" in chorus:
(G)Moving (D#)much too (D)fast
(G)Moving (D#)much too (G)fast
questions/comments/feedback to senomar@bach.udel.edu
-I'm here, I'm queer, I play 5-string bass

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