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Rancid - Coppers (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

G C G C G C Em D (w/intro)
G C G C G C Em D (w/intro)
CHORUS (x2):
G London I'm/you're gonna C find them
G New York, L.A., back to C Kingston
G All I see is youth C fighting
EM All I see is youth D fighting
Well, G if sympaC thy, there's some
G IntegriC ty, but in
G HumiliC ty you've come to
EM Find a whole lot mD ore
G I'm not one to C judge, nor I
G Carry a C grudge, but I
G Refuse to C budge my
DeEM terminating vD ow
(Chorus (x2))
Come I said G put down your ratchet C now
Rudeboy set down your G gun
L.A., C Kingston, New York and LonG don
Move, nobody C fight, form together as EM one
This gun pressure D soon be over and G done
??? the C road controlled by SaG tan
Fight back from C that with love vibraG tion
Pull out, diviC sion, racism, and schiEM sm
We gonna D make 'em flee, run
G Easy,C you know it ain't G easy
C Got to make a deG cision
C Got to learn to say EM no, no,D no
I've G heard from inside all the C walls
A G dead man can't hear all the C calls
Who G lives like a sheep in the C city concrete
EM Never runs deep and D dies from the heat
G C G C G C EM D G Coppers and hoods, C dead man's stood
G It ain't no good when you're C misunderstood
When you're G rotting in jail, C wish you would be
EM Out on the street like D Robin Hood
All G those who fall, C those who try
G Let them go, oh C victimize
You see G you ain't gonna take their C power, demise
EM Not in your lifetime see more D hypnotized, come again
(Chorus (x2))
(Come I said put down your ratchet now...)
(??? the road controlled by Satan...)
(Easy, you know it ain't easy...)
(I've heard from inside all the walls...)
Heat... heat... heat...
G C G C G C Em D (w/intro)
(Chorus (x4))
G All I see is you C fighting
G All I see is you C fighting
G All I see is you C fighting
EM All I see is you D fighting
G C G C G C EM D Note: Some of the verses are played by the bass only.
I've included the chords anyway, as a reference.

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|Chords by 'Will' |
|Corrections & Intro tab by Zac Reaney-Barker |
|Most of the lyrics figured out by 'Funky Jane' |

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