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Rob Thomas - Ever The Same Snippet (akordy)

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E We were drawn from the weB eds
We were brave like A soldiers
Falling C#M down under the paB le moonlighE t
You were holding to B me
Like a someone brokeA n
And I couldn'tC#M tell you but I'm telB ling you nA ow
Just let me hC#M old you while you're fB alling apA art
Just let me hC#M old you and we'll bB oth fall dowE n
Chorus 1:
Fall on B me
Tell me everyC#M thing you want me to A be
Forever with yE ou forever in mB e
Ever the saA me
Verse 2:
E We would stand in the wiB nd
We were free like A water
Flowing dC#M own
Under the warmB th of the sE un
Now it's cold and we're scarB ed
And we've both been shakeA n
Hey, look aC#M t us
Man, this doesn't nB eed to be the A end
(Repeat Refrain and Chorus)
Chorus 2:
Call on B me
I'll be thC#M ere for you and you'll be there for A me
Forever it's yE ou
Forever in B me
Ever the samA e

A YoB u may need me there
C#M To carry all your weight
A BuB t C#M you're no burden I assure

A YoB u tide me over
AsM WithC#M a w- arB mt- h A I'll not forget
B BuE t I can only give you love
(Repeat Chorus 1 & 2)
Forever with yE ou
Forever in B me
Ever the samA e(Ever the same)

Any suggestions, corrections? Mail me at
My thanks to everyone who supported my passion in music, to my girlfriend -- my Diocher
to Almighty God for the talent. Cheers!

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