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Roy Harper - You Dont Need Money (akordy)

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D Nobody�s gA ot anyG money in the SumD mer,
D Oh dear me, What a terrible dragA
D I couldn�tA get vG ery much nummer tD han in Summer
BB Beseeching The Rent MaA n
BB To Be Soft as he can A
DM Cos I�ve got a little money coming when I sell A my M.B.E

All the folkie student population wearing rucksacks
Taking my meal ticket over the seas
Half the blasted idiots are stuck in Yugoslavia
With hardly a Dina
And looking no cleaner
Than a Chinese wrestler�s jockstrap cooked in chip fat on a greasy day
Em7b5 Nat. harmonic 12 fret
Think What money can do for my tummy
Em7b5 Nat. harmonic 12 fret
Think my tummy can do for my mind
Em7b5 Nat. harmonic 12 fret
Think What a man can do for the world
Em7b5 Nat. harmonic 12 fret
For the Stars and infinity

Has anybody got any money for the strummer?
I won�t need much in my parasol shade
But I could have used a million quid a year ago last summer
To grace the Bahamas (With Al Stewart)
In see through pyjamas (With Al Stewart)
But never mind, I�m worth two buns, a sherbet and a liquorish root

Nobody�s got any money in the summer
Oh dear me, Stoned out my head in the park I�d say
But nobody needs any money in the summer
Except of course for scoring
On a sunny day

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