Ryan Adams: Akordy k piesni La Cienega Just Smiled

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Interpret: Ryan Adams

Dĺžka piesne: 04:59

Ryan Adams - La Cienega Just Smiled (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

Cadd9 Oh the nighDsus4 t, Here it comes agaG in
Cadd9 It's on with the jeansDsus4 , the jacket, and the sG hirt
Cadd9 How'd I end uDsus4 p feelin' G so bad
Such EM7 a little girl
-Verse II-
Cadd9 And I'll hold you close in the backDsus4 of my mindG
ItCadd9 feels so good, but daDsus4 mn it makes me G hurt
Cadd9 And I'm too scared to Dsus4 know how i fEM7 eel abDsus4 out youCadd9 now
La Cadd9 Cienega just smiles aDsus4 nd I'll se ya arounG d Cadd9 G
-Verse III-
Now I Cadd9 hold you close in the backDsus4 of my mind G
Cadd9 I raise my glass causDsus4 e either way i'm dead G
Cadd9 Neither of you really heDsus4 lp me to EM7 sleep Dsus4 anymoreCadd9
EM7 one breaks my body and theCadd9 other breaks my soul
Cadd9 la cienega just Dsus4 smiles and waves goodbyG e
(repeat) Cadd9 G
SOLO (acoustic)
Cadd9 Oh the night, here it comes aDsus4 gain G
Cadd9 Its off with the jeans, the jackDsus4 et, and the shirt G
Cadd9 How'd I end up feelDsus4 in so bad G
Such EM7 a little girl
Cadd9 And i'll hold you close in the Dsus4 back of my mindG
Cadd9 Feels so good, but damnDsus4 it makes me hurt G
Cadd9 I'm too scared to knowDsus4 how i feEM7 el abouDsus4 t ya noCadd9 w
How i EM7 feel aDsus4 bout ya Cadd9 now
La Cadd9 Cienega just smiles and saysDsus4 i'll see you around G
Solo (electric)
Acoustic solo (Capo 3)

Acoustic solo (Capo 8)

Second solo (electric) (capo 3)
(capo 8 is the same one string down)

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