Scarlet Wings - Scarlet Wings

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Interpret: Scarlet Wings

Dĺžka piesne: 05:53

Scarlet Wings - Scarlet Wings (text piesne)

Scarlet Wings

Music & Lyrics: Scarlet Wings

We´re so much closer now,
our destination´s yet so far
We step out of the dark

Our journey will be hard,
we knew it from the start
Evil´s lurking everywhwere

Help me marching
through endless maze of time
Together we´ve power
to shine on like the stars

And so we travel on
On the stairs to Babylon
we`re reaching for the skies

Farewell to sorrow
we´ll dry a milion tears
Our mission for tomorrow
is to erase all the fears

Under scarlet wings we fly,
we´ll never lose our way
We´re so strong we can´t deny
our belief and our faith
Under scarlet wings we´re born
it´s our cradle and our grave
From the ashes we´ll reborn
the legacy´s here to stay....

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