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Smokie - Wild angels (akordy)

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DDon't talk to me of shattered dreams
ACause you don't know what it means
To Glive for someone Aelse you can't just takeD
Oh when you're bitten by the truth
AYou blame it on your misspent youth
GYou never seem to learn by your AmistakesD


So don't Gtalk to me of wild wild AangelsD
GWild wild angelsA on the skywaysD
Those Gwild wild angelsA on the highways of Dyour life
Cause it's peopleG like you A, D
Who never knew G
What wild wild Dangels have Ato face G

DOh I ain't hanging around to see
AYou turn on someone else like me
I'm still alGive and you know the Away I live D
But baby that's one way you'll never be
ASuch simple things you fail to see
You take Gback everything you'll everA give D

So don't Gtalk to me of wild wildA angels D
GWild wild angels onA the skyways D
Those wild wiGld angels onA the highways Dof your life
Cause it's people Glike you A,D
Who never knew G
What wild wilDd angels haAve to face D

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