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Sum 41 - Best of Me (akordy)

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1. G It's so hard to say that D I'm sorry I'll make everyC thing alright
all these things that I've done now what have I become and where they go wrong
G I dont mean to hurt D just to put you first Emi I wont tell you lies C, I'm sorry
I will stand accused with my hand on my heart, I'm just trying to say;

R: G I'm sorry, it's all that I can say
Emi you mean so much and I'd C fix all that I've done, if DI could start again G
I threw it all away,Emi to the shadows of regrets C and you would have D the best of me G

2. I know that I can't take back all the of the mistakes but I will try
although it's not easy I know you believe me cause I would not lie
don't believe the lies, dont ????? they dont understand I'm sorry
I will break your heart, I will bring you down, but I will have to say;

R. 2x

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