Third Day: Akordy k piesni Blessed Assurance

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Third Day - Blessed Assurance (akordy)

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Blessed asD surance,G Jesus is mine!D
O what a fBM oretasteE of glory dA ivine!
Heir of salvD ation,G purchase ofD God,
Born of his SG pirit,A washed in his bD lood.

This is my sD tory,G this is my sD ong,
Praising my SBM aviorE all the day lA ong
This is my sD tory,G this is my sD ong,
Praising my SG aviorA all the day lD ong
na-na-na-nA a na-na-na-nG a

Perfect subD missionG perfect deD light
Visions of rBM aptureE now burst on my sA ight
Angels deD cending,G bring from aD ove
Echoes of mG ercies,A whispers of lD ove

Perfect subD mission,G all is at rD est
I in my SBM avior,E am happy and bA lessed
Watching and wD aiting,G looking aD bove
Filled with His gG oodness,A lost in his lD ove

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