Third Day


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C I F see a C hand F C reaching out to help me F C
C but I don't understand F C all of F C Your ways F C
C You are still the potter F C and I am just the clay
And though I F know at times I am too proud
To C reach for You, F C to help me out
But if I G waited on myself to get it r F ight
I would be waiting here for C ever F C
But Your F grace is never gonna to change
And Your C faith always will remain
And Your G love is the same yesterda F y, today, and forev C er F C
*End Chorus*
I see a world looking for an answer but I don't know what for
When will we realize that we're
sinners in the hands of a loving God who came and died
And wants to set us free
Oh how He longs to be with you and me
But if we waited on the truth to change at all
We would be waiting here forever
*Repeat Chorus*
I see Your hand reaching out to help me
But I don't understand all of Your ways
but you saved me, I thank You Jesus
*Repeat Chorus*
Fade out with "Forever, forever, forever"