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Tim McGraw - Carry On (akordy)

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G Mama went to sleep one night and never woke up
EM Daddy cried a tear into her old coffee cup
C Now all he wants to do is drink the hurt all away
D But if Mama was here I know what Mama would say
Carry G on
Carry EM on
What don't kill us makes us C strong D
Carry G on
G Little sister's husband ran off with her best friend
EM Left her and the babies all alone again
C It hurts to know the hurt that she's going through
D But I know that she'll do what she's gotta do
C Nobody ever said that life was gonna be fair
D7 You're never gonna get nowhere by runnin' scared
AM If you look down deep inside you'll find the faith to make you C strong
Oh D oh carry G on
G I try to walk the sunny side of the street
EM Don't let no shadows tangle up my dreams
C There ain't no troubles that we can't rise above
D With a hand full of faith and a heart full of love
Carry G on
What don't kill us makes us C strong
Umm D Hmm
Carry G on
Carry on
Carry EM on
Ooh ooh ooh ooh C ooh
Umm D Hmm
Carry G on

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