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Tim McGraw - Just To See You Smile4-crd (akordy)

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YoG u always had an eye for things that glitter
BEM ut I was far from being made of gold
I C don't know how but I scraped up the money
IAM just never could quite tell you D no
JG ust like when you were leaving Amarillo
EM To take that new job in Tennesse
IC quit mine so we could be together
AM I can't forget the way you looked at D me
G Just to sD ee you sEM mile I'd do any-tC hing you AM wanted me D to
WG hen all is sD aid and dEM one I'd never count the cC ost its worth all thats lAM ost
D Just to see youG smile
WhG en you said time was all you really needed
EM I walked away and let you have your space
C Cause leaving did'nt hurt me near as badly
AM As the tears I saw rolling down your faD ce
G And yesterday I knew just what you wanted
WEM hen you came walking up to me with him
C So I told you that I was happy for your
AAM nd givin the chance I lie agaD in
repeat chorus
My first chord file , I can't touch the intro, not in this millenium anyway
Patrick Hurley

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