Tim McGraw: Akordy k piesni My Next Thirty Years

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Tim McGraw - My Next Thirty Years (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

D I think I'll take a moment
G to celebrate my aD ge
the G ending of D era
and the A turning of a page
G now its time to D focus in on
A where I A/A# go from BM here
Lord have mercy on my next thirty years

Verse 2
Hey my D next thirty years
I'm G gonna have some D fun
G Try to D forget about all the A crazy things I've done
G maybe now I cD onquered all my aA doleA/A# nce fBM ears
and ID 'll do it beA tter in my neG xt thirty yeD ars

Chorus 1
My BM next thirty A years I'm gonna G settle all the D scores
G cry a little D less, A laugh a little morA/A# e
BM find a world of A happiness withG out the hate and D fear
EM figure out just D/F# what I'm doing G here
In my A next thirty D years

Guitar/organ solo (use chords to chorus except D/F# remains Em)
Verse 3
Oh my D next thirty years
I'm G gonna watch my D weight
G eat a few more D salads
aA nd not stay up so late
dG rink a little lD emonade and nA ot so many BM beers
(D chuckle) maybe I'll rA emember my nexG t thirty yeD ars
Chorus 2
My BM next thirty A years will be the G best years of my D life
rG aise a little D family and A hang out with my wiA/A# fe
BM spend precious A moments with the oG nes that I hold dD ear
EM make up for D/F# lost time hG ere
in my nA ext thirty yD ears
in my next thirty years

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