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Tim McGraw - Senorita Margarita-crd (akordy)

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She left mD ore than just her lipstickG when she walked oD utG
Her mD emory keeps haunting me tG hat's why I'm hunting you D downG
It'sA been a long time since oG ur lips met
You've aA lways been good at helpingG me forget
I'll D regret it in the morning A but that's not stopping D me now
G Senorita Margarita I'm as lD onesome as a man can be
G I still love her, I still need her
I'm just hD oping you can comfort A me
I don't wD ant to do her wrong
I don't need somebody new
I jBM ust can't be alA one tonE ight
So SG enorita MargarA ita, let me hG old you tight
G La la la laD la la...G .........A .. D oooh
She always comes to her senses with some space and time
And you're just what I needed to cool off this hot head of mine
I hope you realize this is a one night stand
I'm gonna get her back, I know I can
So let's keep this between you, me, the salt and the lime
(repeat the "la la la's" at the end twice)
Outro: D G D G D

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