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Tim McGraw - Seventeen2-crd (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

G Backseat of her dA addy's car
C I was trying not to go too far
G Kept thinking about the wA ords the preachermanC said
G Lightnin' flashed acA ross the sky
C I saw love in a young girl's eyes
G And that's a lA ook you never forC get
SevenG teen only comes D once in a lifetime
C Don't it just fD ly by wild and fG ree
Goin any D way the wind blew, C babyD
SevenG teen, livin on D crazy dreams
C Rock and roll and fD aded blue jeans
C And standing on the edge of everytD hing
SevenG teen
G A C G Legs hangin' off the BA ayou Bridge
C Feedin' fish potato chips
G And talkin' about the mA ysteries of the uC niverse
G Yeah, the world was soA mewhere else
C We had the summer all to ourselves
And the G stars A went off like C fireworks
G A C (x2)
G A C (repeat to fade)
A = x02220
C = x32010
D = xx0232
G = 320003

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