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Tim McGraw - Unbroken-crd (akordy)

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A How I ever lived and breathed before you loved me, I don't recall
If I walked around at all, it was in bits and pieces
Of a jagged heart
E You kissed me and every D piece went back in place, every pain got erased
E You held me up to the D sunlight now it feels like
A No one ever lB eft me out in the raD in
Cold words still remain unG spoken
A And I never got lB ost, spent years in the D dark
You're here, now my heart's uG nbroken
F When I see your smile fill my F soul again
E I'm unbroken
Verse 2
If I doubted the power of love, baby now I understand
I thank God for every day I wake up to the soft touch
Of your magic hands
In this world sometimes the only thing that's real is the way you make
Babe, the changes day and night
I swear it's life
Repeat Chorus
A I still see the night, C I fell into your eyes
D And when we made love it felt like the first A time
Repeat Chorus
A I'm unbroken
I'm unbroken, oh yeah
I'm unbroken
Repeat Chorus
Lee Marshall

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