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Toby Keith - Just Talking About Tonight 2 (akordy)

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G Well I'm not talkin' bout lockin' down forever
Baby C that would be to demandin'
D I'm just talkin' bout two lonely people
Who might C reach a little underG standin'
I'm not talkin' bout knockin' out heaven
With whether we're wrong or we're C right
D I'm not talkin' bout hookin' up and hangin' out
C I'm just talkin' bout G tonight
You were D sittin' on your bar stool
C Talkin' to a fool who didn't G have a clue
I D guess he couldn't see you were C lookin' right at me
Cause I was D lookin' at you too
Then if C still you wanna dance, D have we ever met
You said C hold your horses boy, I ain't that D easy to get
(repeat chorus)
She said I D only take it slow by C now you oughta know
That I ain't G diggin' this
If D we can start as friends
The C weekend just might end with a D little kiss
She said C I'm a lady lookin' for a D man in my life
Who'll C make a good husband I'll D make a good wife
He-e-easy now
(repeat chorus)
yeah C I'm just talkin' bout a D little bit later G tonight
Eddie Garcia
"Keepin' It Country"

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