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Tom Mcrae - Border Song (akordy)

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B7 E
B7 p E

She lies
B7 p E

still her eyes on fire Undressed to
B7 p E

kill and untethered in time And in the
Asus2 E
arms of a stranger You
Asus2 E
search for someone like her And the
B7 p

music carries on in a simple Border Song You once knew
And then, the rest of the song is strummed
E, B7, E then the rest of the song...
People like B7 you, they come and they goE
What's left to B7 say we already knE ow?
And we've Asus2 danced these shoes to E pieces
And we've Asus2 stood where no-one has E stood
And the B7 music carries on
In a simple Border Song you once kE new
And I Asus2 guess I've seen it E all
And I Asus2 guess I've seen it E all
You can Asus2 climb but you will E fall
And I Asus2 guess I've seen it E all
And then just repeat Asus2 E till the end of the song
wailing and repeating the guess I've seen it all bit
Not a lot different to the Warchild version then eh? Just Capoed up. Any comments
(although none of the former Australian cricketer kind...) to

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