Tom Waits: Akordy k piesni Another Mans Vine

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Tom Waits - Another Mans Vine (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

DM BougainAM villei's EM bloom and A wine
Be DM careful AM mind the EM strangle A vine
The BM rose is F#M climbing C over the A blind
'cause the BM sun is F#M on the C other A side
The DM bees will AM find their EM honey A
The DM sweetest AM everyEM time A
Chorus sequence:
AroDM und a red BB7 rose, I sDM ee a red BB7 rose
DM Red rose BB7 bloomin' on aA7 nother man's DM vine BB7 DM BB7
Additional lyriics:
Golden Willy's gone to war
He left his young wife on the shore
Will she be steadfast everyday
While golden Willy's far away
Along the way her letters end
She never reads what Willy sends
I see a red rose, I smell a red rose
A red rose bloomin' on another man's vine

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