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U2 - In a Little While (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

In a Alittle whileF#
HmiSurely you’ll be GbackD
In a little while I’ll be Athere
In a Alittle whileF#
This Hmihurt will hurt no Gmore D
I’ll be Ahome, love

When the Anight F#takes a Hmideep Gbreath D
And the daylight has no Aend
If I Acrawl,F# if I come Hmicrawling Ghome
Will Dyou be Athere

Hmi G D A

In a Alittle whileF#
I will Hmiblow by Gevery Dbreeze
Friday night runAning
To Sunday on my knees

AThat F#girl, that Hmigirl
She’s Gmine
DAnd I’ve know her sinceA

Since you were a Alittle F#girl
With HmiSpanish Geyes
DOh, when I saw her
In a Apram they pushed her by

AUuuuh F#Uuh
My,Hmi how you’ve Ggrown
DWell it’s been
AIt’s been a little while

Hmi G D A

Hmi G

DSlow down my Ableeding heart
HmiMan dreams one Gday to fly
Aman takes a Drocketship Ainto the Dskys

He Hmilives on starlets dying Gin the night
And Afollows in the Dtrail
The Ascatter of Dlight

Turn it Aon F# Hmi
GTurn it Don
You turn me on
AMh Mhhhhhhmm

Hmi G
D Slow down my Ableeding heart
Hmi G
DSlowly, Aslowly love

HmiSlow down my Gbleeding heart
A SlowDly, AslowDly love
HmiSlow down my Gbeating heart
A SlowDly, Aslowly loveD

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