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U2 - In God's Country (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

DDesert SkyAmi
Dream beneath a Ddesert AmiskyThe rivers run but Dsoon run Amidry
We need new dreams DtonightAmi

Desert rose
Dreamed I saw a desert rose
Dress torn in ribbons and in bows
Like a siren she calls to me

EmiSleep comes Glike a Ddrug... EmiIn God’s GCounDtry
EmiSad eyes Gcrooked crosDses... EmiIn God’s GCounDtry

Set me alight
We’ll punch a hole right through the night
Everyday the dreamers die
To see what’s on the other side

She is Liberty
And she comes to rescue me
Hope faith, her vanity
The greatest gift is gold

Sleep comes like a drug... In God’s Country
Sad eyes crooked crosses... In God’s Country

Naked flame
She stands with a naked flame
I stand with the sons of Cain
Burned by the fire of love

Burned by theD fire of loveAmi

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