U2: Akordy k piesni The Unforgettable Fire

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U2 - The Unforgettable Fire (akordy)

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DmiIce, your only Brivers run cold
These city Dmilights, they shine in Bsilver and gold
Dug from the Dminight, your eyes as Bblack as coal Dmi B F

CWalk on by, walk on through, Eswalk till you run
And don’t look Bback, for here, I am Dmi B

CarniDmival, the wheels fly Band the colors spin, through alcoDmihol
Red wine that Bpunctures the skin
Face to Dmiface, in a dry and Bwaterless place F

CWalk on by, walk on thorugh, so Essad to besiege your love so Bhead on

FStay tonight, Cstay tonight in a lie
EsI’m only asking but I Bthink you know F
Come on take me Caway
Come on take me Gmiaway
Come on take me Ahome, home Dmiagain
And if a mountain should Ccrumble, or disapEspear into the sea
Not a Btear nor not I, Fstay in this time
CStay tonight, in a lie
EsEver after, Bthere’s love in time
And if you Fsave it all, save your Clove

Don’t Gmipush me too far, don’t Apush me too far,
Dmi tonight, tonight

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