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Vince Gill - You and You Alone (akordy)

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EB If we have to wait forever that's alright
EB If you say let's run away, we'd leave tonight
I'd do anAB ything you ever asked me to
Girl, the reEB ason my heart's beating is for BB you You aEB lone
EB There's a price to pay for every choice you make
EB We'll have our day no matter what it takes
I'll be tAB here for you whatever we go through
Girl, the rEB eason life's worth living is for yBB ou you alEB one
B Oh you and you alone AEB re with me from now on
Even if AB I never see your face aEB gain
B The love that you have shown is unEB like anything I've known
We both kAB now it's just a matter of BB will
EB Wish that we could just turn back the hands of time
EB And find a way to have your world fit into mine
I'll keep drAB eaming that somday it'll all comes tEB rue
EB Girl, the reason my heart's breaking is for BB you you alEB one
chorus, instrumental to end.

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