Wintersun - Time I

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Wintersun - Time I (text piesne)

Darkness and frost are starting to reach
The heart of this land with a cold disease
Sleep now for a while before the storm awakes
And one day it will reward you for the burden of wait
The roots go deep into the frozen dead ground
Listen to the land of snow, it makes no sound
For ages searching the warmth of the sun
If it never finds me, Ican die as one
Time will go on and we are drifting away in the night
I've been searching so long, but I will find you even if it takes my whole life
But tonight I feel so alone and I know that you are forever gone
Oh time, don't fade away when I need you here, oh please don't leave me now

Time! Fades away!
When time fades away!
And I'll never be the same

Time! Time! Time! Time!

You want so much from me - I feel nothing but grief and despair
How can I make you feel again - All my dreams are just visions I can't bear
You want something that I can't give - I cannot keep living in this bitter dream
And I don't care anymore
It feels like my life is ending

Oh, another year gone by
But nothing has changed in my life
And time goes on forever and ever
And it waits for no one

Time fades away
And I fade away
And I'll never be the same
TIME! Fades away!
When time fades away!
And I'll never feel the same
And I fade away!
When time fades away!
And I'll never feel the same

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