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Xandria - Ravenheart (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

G B C F#
Intro 2
Come G to me, RaveB nheart
MessC enger of eG vilF#
G B C G F# Verse
You G shadow oD f forgG otten dreC ams
You G come to take awD ay
My hG ope on your black D wings
come on...
Come G to me, RavenB heart
MesseC nger of evG ilF#
Come G to me, what'B s the news?
Here C i'm still lG onF# ely
Of lG ove & hD ate the sG ingers tC ell
But G i feel more, more of boD th.
MoreG than heaven and hC ell
I take aG bow to destiD ny
Now i haG ve really learnt my C part
Once loving G him, now hating loD ve
I've made miG stakes, my RavenC heart
So come on...
Chorus x1
Will G i get baD ck who G i adorC e?
Thus G spoke theD raven:G nevermoC reD Es F
G A# C G F# x2 D
Chorus now in A
A C D A G# x4
Come to me...
END in A

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