3 Doors Down: Akordy k piesni Be Like That

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3 Doors Down - Be Like That (akordy)

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Artist:3 Doors Down
Song: Be Like That
Tuning: standard
chords used:
G D Em C
e|--3-- --2-- ----- ----- -----|
B|----- --3-- ----- --1-- -----|
G|----- --2-- ----- ----- -----|
D|----- ----- --2-- --2-- -----|
A|--2-- ----- --2-- --3-- -----|
E|--3-- ----- ----- ----- -----|
1st verse:

HG e spends his nights in CaliD fornia,

WEM atching the stars on the big scrC een

ThG en he lies awake and he wonD ders,

WEM hy can't that be mC e?
CG ause in his life he's filD led

WEM ith all these good intenC tions

HEM e's left a lot of things

He'd ratC her not mention rigG ht now

But just before he says goD odnight,

HEM e looks up with a lC ittle smile at me,
And he says...


IG f I could be like tD hat,
I would give anything

JEM ust to live one dC ay, in those shoes

IG f I could be like thD at,

What would I dEM o,

What would I dC o?

2nd verse:

She spends her days up in the north park,

Watching the people as they pass
And all she wants is just

A little piece of this dream,

Is that too much to ask?

With a safe home, and a warm bed,

On a quiet little street

All she wants is just that something to

Hold onto, that's all she needs

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