A Camp: Akordy k piesni Elephant

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A Camp - Elephant (akordy)

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C I caught you smDM iling AM
with G pointedF teeth
C what once was bDM eautifulAM
has turned bG itter and cF heap
EM So now there´s nothing I can DM do for you
EM but leave your roses out to dDM ie F
I AM misbG ehaF ved
AM m inG yoF ur way
inAM youG r wF ay lEM ike an DM elephant C
C Gentle sDM miling
AM with poG inted tF eeth
C now there´s a DM war between
AM my hiG gh hopes and F me
EM So this is how you put an DM end to things
EM by cutting throats with a sDM mile F
I AM misbG ehaF ved
I´m AM in yG ourF way
AM in yG our F way EM like an eDM lephant C
G But in the corner of my mAM ind
G a little angel saying
"AM Don´t G waste your lF ove,
you lEM ove too DM much
DM Dm G6 Fmaj7 X4

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