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A1 - Learn to Fly (akordy)

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Verse 1:
C When you feel the dream is over
G Feel the world is on your shoulders
AM And you've lost the strength to carryF on
C Even though the walls may crumble
G And you find you always stumble through
Remember never to surBM render to the dark
F Coz if you tEM urn another pDM age
You will sC ee that's not the BB way
The stAM ory has to eG nd
If you need to find a DM way back
Feel you're on the wrF ong track
Give it tC ime
You'll learn to fG ly
Tomorrow is a neDM w day
And you will find your oF wn way
You'll be stAM rong with each tG ear that you cF ry
ThG en you'll learn to fDM-EM-F ly
Verse 2:
C In your head so many questions
G The truth is your possession
AM The answer lies within your heart
C You will see the doors are open
G If you only dare to hope and
AM You will find a way to fight
The fBM ears that keep you down
(repeat refrain then chorus)
Lookin at your situDM ation
There's so much that you canAM do
Now's the time to make you staG nd
TBB his is just an observF ation
In the end it's up to yG ou
The future's in your haG nds
(repeat chorus)

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