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Alabama - Born Country (akordy)

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Writers: John Schweers/Byron Hill
D Clear creeks and cool mountain mornin's
G Honest work out in the D fields
Cornbread in my momma's kitchen
G Daddy saying grace before the meal
A Family ties run deep in this G land
A And I'm never very far from what I G am A
I was G born D country and that's A what I'll always D be
Like the G rivers and the D woodlands wild and A free
I got a G hundred years of D down home
A running through my BM blood
I was G born D country and this A country's what I D love
D Moonlight and you hear beside me
G Crickets serenadin' in the D yard
What more could two people ask for
G Laying here in love beneath the stars
Now A this is where I wanna raise my G kids
A Just the way my mom and daddy G did A
Repeat Chorus 2X
I was born D country

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