Alabama: Akordy k piesni Close Enough to Perfect

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Alabama - Close Enough to Perfect (akordy)

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G Sometimes her morning coffee's way tD oo strong AM
And somC etimes what she says, she says all wrong D G
C Right oD r wrG ong, she's there beside me D
Like onAM ly a friG/B end would be C
And that's closAM e enought to perfect fCM or me G C/D
Now sheG 's been known to wear her pantsD too tight AM
And driC nking puts her out just like a lighD t G
C HeavD en knowG s she's not an angel D
But she'd reallAM y likeG/B to beC
And that's closAM e enough to perfect fCM or me G AM G/B
She kiC sses me each morning.......And smiles her sleepy G smile
C She don't havG/B e to say iAM t....G ...I can seeF it in heAM7/E r eyeD s D7
Don't you worrG y about my woman D
Or what you think AM she ought toG/B be C
She's cloAM se enough to perfect CM for me G AM G/B CM G C/D
G Sometimes she gets down and stD arts to cry AM
But thC en again a lady has a riD ght G
She's eveC rytD hingG I've ever wanted D
She's allAM I'llG/B ever C need
She's cloAM se enough to perfect CM for me G AM G/B
G Oh, she's closAM e enough G/B to perfecCM t......for me G
G repD eatAM andC fadD e G C D G D AM G/B C AM CM G C/D G
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