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Dancing Shagging On The Boulevard

Alabama - Dancing Shagging On The Boulevard

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Interpret: Alabama

Alabama - Dancing Shagging On The Boulevard (text piesne)

Well the Magic Attic's where the music rolls
And the Army, Navy's got ole Jackies soul
Down on Beegis corner there are good ole boys
And the Mother Fletcher's makin lotsa noise
Chorus: They're dancin, shaggin on the Blvd. 2x
Well the Tams are playin at the Port O' Call
And The Drifters underneath the Boardwalk
At the Spanish Galleon and ole Fat Jacks
Jukebox playin and the place is packed

Chorus: You bet... You know...
Got the top down and the traffic's slow
When it's Sun fun weekend we all go
Where the girls are sunnin and are lookin good
Well I never met 'em but I wish I could
Chorus: And we'd go... We'd go...
Well I'm hangin out down at Sloppy Joe's
They may doze but they never close
And the Bama boys at the bowery
Well now they can't dance but they play for free

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