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Alabama - Dancing Shagging On The Boulevard (akordy)

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A Well the Magic Attic's where the D music rolls
And the ArmA y, Navy's got ole Jackies soul E
Down on BeegiA s corner there are good ole boys D
And the MotA her Fletcher's makin lotsa noise E
Chorus: They're dancin,BM7 shaggin on the Blvd. 2x A
Well the Tams are playin at the Port O' Call D
And The DrifteA rs underneath the Boardwalk E
At the SpaA nish Galleon and ole Fat Jacks D
A Jukebox playin and the place is pE acked

Chorus: You bet... You know...
F#M Got the top down and the traffic's slow E
D When it's Sun fun weekend we all go E
Where the girls aF#M re sunnin and are lookin goodD
DBM7-BM7 Well I never met 'em but I wiE sh I could
Chorus: And we'd go... We'd go...
Well I'm hangiA n out down at Sloppy Joe'D s
A They may doze but they never close E
And the Bama bA oys at the bowery D
Well now they cA an't dance but they play for free E

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