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All Time Low - Umberella (akordy)

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You E had my heart, and we'll never be worlds apart B
Maybe in mF# agazines, but you'll still As be my star F#
Baby cause E in the Dark, You can see sB hiny Cars
That's when you needF# me there
With you I'll aAs lways share F#

E Because when the sun shines
We'll shine togB ether
Told you I'll be here F# forever
Said I'll always be your As friend
Took an oath Imma F# stick it out 'till the enE d
Now that it's raining more than evB er
Told You we'ed still have eachF# other
You can stand under my UmAs brella
You can stanF# d under my UmbrellaE
(Ella EllaB eh eh eh)
Under my umbreF# lla
(ella ellAs a eh eh eF# h)
Under my umbrella F#
E (ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrelF# la
B (ella ella eh eh eF# h eh eh eh)
TheseE fancy things will never come in between B
You F# are my entity, there foAs r InfinityF#
When the war has tE ook its part
When the world has deB alt its cards
If tF# he hand is hard, Together wAs e'll mend your heart F#
A You can run into my Arms
E That's okay don't be alarmed
B Come into Me Come iF# nto Me
A Gonna let the rain pour E
I'll be all you need aB nd more and moreF#


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