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E I thought you could tA ake me away for a E minute
E But now I know it was jA ust that way for a B minute
A I told no B lies,A no aliB bis
E Our little lA ove was real for a mE inute
E Good thing I could oA nly stay for a mE inute
E I've never feA lt that way, even for a mB inute
For a mA inute, I beliB eved in you
A There was nothing B I wouldn't do
For a mA inute with you I gave up eE verything I hB ad
E Now it's over and I fA eel relief for a mE inute
I crE iticize trouble and I eA nd up being the oB ne who's in it
A My shame grows stB rong, A I know I've done wB rong
E But our little loA ve was real for a E minute

\ EVAN HULKA | "Someday it's gonna hit you between the eyes /
/ evahulk@ace.| That the seeds have already been sown \
\ nueva.pvt. | So find your own garden 'cause you still need space to grow /
/ | Until that time you will remain alone" \

/-Irish proverb EXPOSERS ROCK!!! No Use For A Name \

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