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mommy and daddy had a lock and key. so she went over the wall and she was finally free. she wants to know "why did the tv tell those lies? it lied to me?". i said "i know, i know, i know. youve earned your right to breathe. dont give it up. thats why you have to leave. you know your number is up." emptied her pockets on an ugly road. why did nothing grow when the seeds were sown? and why did the water turn the soil into mud? big plans, fat chance, small winds. they took it all away and wont give it back. "now you have to stay." i-told-you-sos-attack. was it fate or dumb mistakes that made things like they are? and did she have a choice. ragged shoes on wet cement, she talking to the king. only the peasant hears her voice. its just noise. and when she hides her eyes shes sure that no one sees her standing by the garbage cans finally alone. and when she shuts her mouth shes sure that no one hears her screaming at all of those who say she cant go back to prison. cant see his face, only yellow teeth. chewing on his tongue splitting easy money. oh what an ugly man, he thinks hes beautiful. whats next, who knows, who cares? is it an even trade, her time, his cash? descisions being made while treasures turn to trash. and what is the value of a fine young mind when you just cant see what you left behind? and why did her parents lie. they lied and lied and lied and lied! they said "youll see whats right, youll see." but you can only see whats wrong from below whats right. will she be there for long? not without a fight. and when she hides her eyes shes in prison.

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